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"Outstanding keeper instruction. This is a must for goalkeepers and coaches."
Ottawa Internationals S.C. web site, Ottawa, Canada



Since its launch in 2000, jbgoalkeeping.com has become recognized world-wide for providing useful, understandable and comprehensive information for goalkeepers and their coaches. Here's what people have to say:
  • "Can I thank and congratulate you on such a great, informative, well set out easy to use website. All the info I needed to know was here and helped me a great deal. Many, many thanks. If you've got a moment, I'd like to explain what an impact your site has had on me since August 2004...." Read More...
    —Steve Wright, Sutton St. James, England

  • "I just wanted to take the time to commend you on a fine site. I am employeed at an academy and have directed all of my current goalkeepers to the site. They are all information junkies and have found it quite useful. Keep up the great work."
    — Scott Morgenroth, Goalkeeper coach, IMG Soccer Academy, Bradenton, Florida

  • "Outstanding keeper instruction. This is a must for goalkeepers and coaches."
    — Ottawa Internationals S.C. web site, Ottawa, Canada

  • "I applaud you on a well put together website on goalkeepers. It is not often you get to see individuals having a knowledge of the art of goalkeepers, and giving the insights of the art. Excellent job."
    — Timm Nikolajsen, Goalkeeper Coach: Colorado College, Colorado Springs Blizzards and El Paso Pride Soccer Club, Colorado Springs, Colorado

  • "I often refer my players to your site for tips. The videos are excellent tools for visualizing certain techniques. Thanks for the obvious knowledge, thought and effort that helps goalkeepers and coaches everywhere."
    — Catherine Gordon, Net Edge Training, New Jersey

  • "My son plays in goal for Notts County FC in the UK and finds your web site an excellent reference to reinforce the coaching he receives. The sections are well thought out and presented very clearly."
    — Glenn Mather, Nottingham, England

  • "I just used JB [Goalkeeping] to help me make a routine for my first private training sessions. The keeper I trained came out dead tired, and a happy customer. Great site."
    — Matt Jenkins, Richmond, Michigan

  • "I just wanted to congratulate you on a very good website. It is straighforward, well organized, and supremely useful. Your site is really great, I plan to use it as a ready reference! Thanks for your service to the GK community!"
    — Erick Speight, San Antonio, Texas

  • "Just wanted to send you a note to thank you for all the time you have put into your site regarding goalkeeper coaching. I needed a refresher on what my coaches tried to bang into my head so many years ago. And you had it!"
    — Randy Brous, Eugene, Oregon

  • "I am in Malaysia studying, and have just been asked to tend goal for one of the university teams. After today's practice — my first — I really needed some tips. And I got 'em at your site!"
    — Eric Siedlitz, Kajang, Malaysia

  • "I went looking for more complete and immediately usable goalkeeping info, and running across your site is an absolute godsend — exactly what I need!"
    — Jim Daniels, Olympia, Washington

  • "We constantly use your site for info and to get our keepers to study your videos in their own time. Our No 1 keeper is doing well, thanks to your help. 10 games played, 5 goals conceded, 6 shutouts. Your expertise is helping our team down here at the bottom of the world!"
    — Tim Hawkins, Sydney, Australia

  • "I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for all of the concise and easy to understand information on your website."
    — Joan Laky, Harker Heights, Texas

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